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Sometimes the best things in life ARE free! (or inexpensive)

I tend to write romance stories and to experiment with different genres as my respite from researching and writing detective mysteries. In 2019, as I neared May 4th, my late brother's birthday, I wrote this a young adult story, Treat Her Like A Lady, using his name as my pseudonym to honor him. It is a story suitable for teens.


When The Line Between Love and Abuse is Blurred

WHEN Topaz Bond, a carefree suburban teen stops smiling, starts dragging to school late, and wearing heavy make-up, it hasn’t registered with her overworked single mom that her daughter is in serious trouble, but the changes are not lost on Nikki Franklin, Topaz’s closest friend. Nikki’s “Spidey” senses point to Curtis Bond, Topaz’s Cadillac driving, much older boyfriend, as the source of the problem. Nikki urges Topaz to walk away from her toxic relationship, but she is unable to break from the cycle of isolation, control, and abuse.

Aggressively problem solving her friend’s situation, Nikki enlists the skills of her mentor, the former leader of a successful chop shop operation to help her implement a creative solution. Going old-school, gets the job done, leaving, just one more matter to be resolved.

Nikki is conflicted about her own sexuality and the feelings unleashed after she and Topaz share a confusing kiss. Is it possible that their relationship could evolve? Could the lovely Topaz become more than a best friend?

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Love Can Be Better the Second Time Around


You Can't Hurry Love

Started as a short story but threatens to be an entire book. Well as they say "What had happened was..."

THIS is the story of April Madden and Lance "Craybaby" Crayton, the high school seniors deemed most likely to marry. Set for college scholarships and success as a power couple, their love and plans are shattered when the impulsive, cocksure Lance chooses Ms. “Right Now,” over “Ms. Ever After.”

But fate is not ready to release the lovers from its grips. Years later, April and Lance, both leading successful professional lives in divergent fields, find their paths colliding. Old wounds are unearthed, angry sparks fly, and yet, there remains a dizzying attraction pulsing between them.

Was the youthful love they once shared lost forever or simply being incubated?

Did you enjoy? Please leave me a book review. Free on Kindle Unlimited or .99

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