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My Review of...All that is Secret

by Patricia Raborn

I thoroughly enjoyed All that is Secret. The title is taken from Luke Chapter 8, verse seventeen.

Older people I knew often paraphrased this elegant verse by saying, “Chile, what’s done in the dark will sho shone in the light.” I am a native of Chicago and I know very little about the history of Colorado. The fact that this mystery that was set in the 1920’s was set in both places was an engaging part of the story. The powerful first chapter was seeded with so many clues that propelled me through this lovely book. I both loved and empathized with Joe Spain from the beginning, which helped me to see into him and to understand the spirit of the little girl, turned theologian that he raised. I appreciated learning the history of 5 points Colorado. Like many of us who don’t know as much about our history as we should, I always thought that the Klan was predominate in the south and along the winding of the Mississippi river. It was news to me the Colorado in the 20s had a population of Klan membership second only to Indiana, which was the #1 in Klan membership in the United States. I loved her connection with the white orphan that tied them both into an unlikely friendship in which the small white child becomes a critical ally. Her connection to the young pastor was fated and unfolded in a very tender way. The introduction of the Sherlock Holmes quotations also anchored Analise with a legacy detective. I loved this book and will continue reading the mystery revelations of the reluctant detective, Analise Spain. I purchased the book on audible and the performance was also very engaging.

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