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My History is Black History!

The Black History Month observance began January 2, 1970 - February 28, 1970. In my opinion, that is not enough time to share all the magnificent accomplishments of Blacks in America. I wrote my memoir, Sweet Liberia, Lessons from the Coal Pot so that certain memories of our family would be remembered.

In 1979 my family and I decided to leave the United States and immigrate to Liberia West Africa. And as they say, the rest is history. The photo below was taken of me at the Lake Michigan in Chicago. I was contemplating what my purpose on earth was. Months later, at an art fair in Hyde Park a palm reader foretold that I would go to Africa and, "stay for a long time." When I found myself in Liberia West Africa one morning I woke up and realized that I was on a spiritual journey. I lived with my family in Liberia from 1979-1990. It wasn't always easy but I enjoyed each and every day.

These photos are of different phases of our lives in Liberia. Read Sweet Liberia Lessons from the Coal Pot for more!

A Passage from Sweet Liberia Lessons from the Coal Pot

Sweet Liberia, Lessons from the Coal Pot is a delightful, painfully honest memoir that chronicles the thick slice of humanity sandwiched between Liberia’s April 12, 1980 coup and the Civil War in 1989. Like many others who embraced Black Pride, Afros, African clothing and names in the 70’s, Susan and thousands more took it one step further and immigrated to Mother Africa.

This touching memoir is set against the author’s personal growth, her cultural struggles, and

her triumphs, and is an informative, personally revealing, and often-comical account of her family’s eleven-year journey immersed in the rich culture of Liberia, West Africa. FREE CHAPTER HERE

BUY your own author signed copy of Sweet Liberia, Lessons from the Coal Pot mailed directly to you from my website at Links to buy Sweet Liberia from Amazon and Other Retailers

This is what readers are saying about

Sweet Liberia, Lessons for the Coal Pot

"A testimony is always more powerful than a textbook. This is an inspiring memoir, most definitely a great discussion piece that speaks to having faith and living out one’s purpose. As a member of Oakdale’s Reconnecting Center Ministry, we believe in sharing and spreading the Good News and are always interested in testimonies from individuals such as Susan who lived and worked abroad." Virginia Julion, member of Reconnecting Center Ministry at Oakdale Church (Chicago, Illinois)

"This was a very, very interesting, spiritual, uplifting, fearful, personal and informative book! I liked the book from the beginning, when the family were on their way to safety, til the end, where it informs the readers of how great the children - now adults - are doing." Anna L. Moore

"Because cooking and eating occur outdoors, many Liberian lives revolve around a coal pot. Therefore it makes sense for lessons to be stirred, to simmer, to boil and to spill out of this African icon. Ahnydah's lessons left, not only her breathless, but the reader also. The experiences spanning eleven years jump out from each page forming questions, raising eyebrows, spewing fear and pouring tears." Kimya Moyo

This book is of a place and time when freedom was pursued. The brave Blacks in America took a giant step and moved to Africa to seek a brighter future for themselves and others.

"Susan D. Peters (then-Ahnydah Rahm), took the leap. Devoted friend and wife to her partner, she agreed to take the journey, leave behind possessions that meant nothing compared to the thought of existence without racism. The beautiful journey was not exactly so; her love, bravery, loyalty, creativity and faith was tested over eleven years in Liberia. Her motherhood and opportunity to choose were thwarted, yet her love for Liberia and the singular difference she might make in the lives of other women and children move her forward on the rocky roads of Liberia, through disease and war.

She moved to leadership in the US Red Cross in Liberia. She was self-made entrepreneur and a mother willing to sacrifice everything except her children. Susan's story brings tears of joy and sorrow. She is BIG MA. I highly recommend this book, "Sweet Liberia: Lessons from the Coal Pot." This is about lessons on the road to great contribution. It is personal victory, political history and allows us to look at another time and place; everyone will appreciate Susan's journey told expertly and passionately. You will not want to put it down!" Y M Gilliard

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