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Book Reviews Sell Books!

When did you last write a book review for your favorite book/ author? When you buy a car, a house, a laptop and most retail purchases you rely in part on reviews. Book sales are affected by book reviews. The next time you read a book, give the author some feedback via a book review or even an email or phone call.

Recently I was interviewed by legendary radio personality Perri Small on WVON1690AM the talk of Chicago, discussing the plot themes explored in Slay the Dragon and interestingly enough several of the listeners wanted to discuss my experiences living in Liberia West Africa, that detailed in my memoir, Sweet Liberia, Lessons from the Coal Pot.

I spend most of my day staring into a screen. So much so that my eyes began to tire of reading, but wait! I love to read. My solution was to download audible and listen to my favorite books while driving, exercising or waiting in shopping lines. My light bulb moment was when I realized that if I wasn’t reading because of lack of time or tired eyes, my readers and potential readers might feel likewise. Soo…The Iron Collar, the 2nd in the Joi Sommers Mystery Series, narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan and Winston James is NOW available on audible! or in other formats

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