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Iron Collar

ISBN-13: 978-0982712573

Price $12.95

Four years after closing the gruesome murder of church Elder Dennis Gregg, Detective Joi Sommers and her partner Russell Wilkerson are summoned to a South Suburban commuter college where the body of a sexy coed is found garroted in the chemistry lab. From their first horrified glimpse at the corpse they recognize they have been tasked with an extraordinary case.


The evidentiary trail leads them to similarly murdered victims. Is this a pattern, or a series of random coincidences? Tracking the wanton killer from the South Suburban hamlet to Chicago’s trendy North side, their investigation thickens and threatens to excavate darkly hidden appetites.

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Broken Dolls

ISBN-13: 978-0982712511

Price $12.95

Joi Sommers earned her detective’s shield the hard way--on the streets of Chicago’s Westside. Having earned a reputation for tackling grisly cases that typically weed female cops off homicide, Joi transfers to the city’s south suburbs—envisioning a calmer life. That notion halts abruptly when she receives a predawn call to speed to the home of a wealthy church Elder found murdered in the den of his stylish home.


Detective Sommers and her partner Russell investigate what initially appears to be a random homicide, presumably committed during the act of robbery. However, the gruesome nature of the killing and closer scrutiny of the evidence signals that the motive for this murder was much more personal.


The question is, who would want this pillar of the community dead, and why?

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Stolen Rainbow

ISBN-13: 978-0982712559

Price $5.23



The life of Marine Captain Jewel Dubuclet is shattered when on a routine patrol mission in Afghanistan, her Humvee trips an IED wire. The result is death and devastating casualties for her men, and for Jewel, the loss of her right leg. She is airlifted by helicopter to safety and a state-of-the-art military rehabilitation hospital, but her recovery is stalled. Feelings of shame, guilt, and a loss of her physical identity thrust her into depression. Assisted by a skillful psychologist, who connects the suffering captain to the valor of an historic  Queen, and the tenacity of her driving physical trainer, Jewel gradually accepts her new normal and the unforeseen promise of love it brings.


Stolen Rainbow honors the sacrifices and courage of women who are valiant, wounded warriors.


excerpt from Stolen Rainbow …


She wasn’t tracking time, but it seemed only minutes later that she was choked in the dust storm that signaled the landing of a Black Hawk copter carrying medics. At that moment, she thanked whatever angels her forever praying mama had sent to protect her. She wouldn’t die in the dust of Afghanistan. Glancing sidelong she recognized the green and white handkerchief knotted around her tattered stump. It hadn’t been lucky for Gunner Avery, but it had saved her life.


The blades of the helicopter sliced through the air as the dead and wounded were quickly loaded onto stretchers and then hoisted aboard the copter. Only then did Captain Jewel Dubuclet finally release command and lose consciousness.

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Sweet Liberia: Lessons from the Coal Pot

ISBN-13: 978-0982712504

Price $14.95

Sweet Liberia, Lessons from the Coal Pot is a delightful, painfully honest memoir that chronicles the thick slice of humanity sandwiched between Liberia’s April 12, 1980 coup and the Civil War in 1989. Like many others who embraced Black Pride, Afros, African clothing and names in the 70’s, Susan and thousands more took it one step further and immigrated to Mother Africa.


This touching memoir is set against the author’s personal growth, her cultural struggles, and her triumphs, and is an informative, personally revealing, and often-comical account of her family’s eleven-year journey immersed in the rich culture of Liberia, West Africa.


Now, as Liberia stands on the threshold of rising under the leadership of Africa’s first elected female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Susan writes about the wisdom, beauty, and resilience she witnessed during her sojourn.

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